March 1, 2010

Pictures :)

Today I am in the office filing, organizing, making lists, and on the side... reading my friend's blog =} (sara.bellum) This has to be one of the most mundane jobs in the wuh-rold. The other day, the receptionist asked me what list i was making. I told her. She laughed. She then said, "That's not what you went to college for, huh?"

::smacks forehead::

My my my... the things we do to pay the bills =| Praise the Lord for the internet! Just at the time when I thought I was spiraling down into a registration form filled hell............... SARAH.BELLUM to the RESCUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ::yeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh::

Happiness of the moment: She posted a picture of her and two friends doing, what im assuming is, karaoke. She is the air guitarist. It made me smile and laugh and really lifted my spirits. *thanks darlin* Photography is great. Freezing the cool, the funny, the precious, the ridiculous, has got to be one of the best BEST inventions ever in life. =)

1 comment:

  1. :) I love you, daahh-ling!
    I totally forgot I even posted that picture.

    I'm so glad you're blogging. *fist pumps*
    Let the good times roll.