May 28, 2012

Having a Hard time...

My bestsisterfriend, Amber, got married Saturday. She married her childhood friend & boyfriend of 5 years, which is pretty cool if you ask me. They looked great.

Why is this post titled 'Having a Hard Time'?  Well, I now live 14 hours away from her (Delaware to Alabama) and outside of the fact that I miss her terribly, the only time I've gotten to spend with her was the maybe 10 minutes helping her out of her wedding dress... Now, I know that a wedding is a big deal & it's probably a big unrealistic expectation to want to be able to get any quality time with the bride/newlywed... bestsisterfriends or otherwise...

Maybe I'm just taking everything a bit too personally...

Like how last night the majority of the wedding party went out to TGIFridays & they were like "Caleisha you should come home more, because that drive is HARD" and right after that Amber said "yeah cuz we're not coming down to Alabama!"

I am feeling really second-hand right now.  Like not important enough for the best friend to want to make a trip to visit...  I'm having a hard time making this okay in my head... I kinda want to go back home now... but the friend in me is pondering ways to get myself into her plans...

I miss my friend.  I miss having her to talk to.  I miss hanging out with her.  I hate only being able to 'maybe' see her every 6+ months when I'm able to make the trek back to Delaware... I hate feeling like I don't matter... like not really anymore...

I thought writing would make me feel a bit better... it didn't.  Now I just want to cry, sleep, eat some chocolate, & go buy things I don't need. *shrug*

I'm glad to report that Amber & I were able to get together this evening. We went bowling & I told her how I'd been feeling.  She reassured me that our friendship is nowhere near trouble & I need to stop being crazy.

Sometimes a bit of assurance is all you really need. :)

May 20, 2012

The Fritz Project

Good Sunday afternoon!  I hope your weekend has been pleasant.

On Friday afternoon, Lamar & I visited one of the local animal shelters to 'play with the dogs less fortunate than mine' as I like to say.  Whenever you go to an animal shelter, the dogs have their "please adopt me" faces ready. Anywho, on this particular trip, we met a number of adorable dogs ready to be adopted.
Click for Petfinder Website
The point of this post is a dog that is not pictured.  His name was Fritz & the attendant said he had been sitting in the same corner for 3 days.  He was scared of everything & everyone. She climbed into the corral with him & tried to coax him out of the corner... he didn't move... just crouched there with his huge scared eyes.  Sadly, because of his immense fear, they determined that he wasn't fit to be adopted. So he was taken off of the adoption list & scheduled to be put to sleep. :-( When the attendant told us what was going to happen to Fritz, she got teary eyed... I can only imagine how hard it must be to work with these dogs everyday & then have to put one down for any reason... let alone because it's so fearful. 

I know... sad story... I cried for a while because I wished there was something I could've done for the little guy.  So I've decided that while I couldn't do anything for Fritz, I can do something for the rest of the dogs hoping for homes.

The Fritz Project is a donation project.  I am going to make blankets for the shelter dogs- crochet, knit, sewn.  All handmade. All donated to the animal shelter here in Huntsville.

The beginning of the first Fritz blanket.

Kiva is my own shelter dog. Give pet adoption a try. It's very rewarding!
If you'd like to join in, you are quite welcome to come spread a little puppy love!