May 28, 2012

Having a Hard time...

My bestsisterfriend, Amber, got married Saturday. She married her childhood friend & boyfriend of 5 years, which is pretty cool if you ask me. They looked great.

Why is this post titled 'Having a Hard Time'?  Well, I now live 14 hours away from her (Delaware to Alabama) and outside of the fact that I miss her terribly, the only time I've gotten to spend with her was the maybe 10 minutes helping her out of her wedding dress... Now, I know that a wedding is a big deal & it's probably a big unrealistic expectation to want to be able to get any quality time with the bride/newlywed... bestsisterfriends or otherwise...

Maybe I'm just taking everything a bit too personally...

Like how last night the majority of the wedding party went out to TGIFridays & they were like "Caleisha you should come home more, because that drive is HARD" and right after that Amber said "yeah cuz we're not coming down to Alabama!"

I am feeling really second-hand right now.  Like not important enough for the best friend to want to make a trip to visit...  I'm having a hard time making this okay in my head... I kinda want to go back home now... but the friend in me is pondering ways to get myself into her plans...

I miss my friend.  I miss having her to talk to.  I miss hanging out with her.  I hate only being able to 'maybe' see her every 6+ months when I'm able to make the trek back to Delaware... I hate feeling like I don't matter... like not really anymore...

I thought writing would make me feel a bit better... it didn't.  Now I just want to cry, sleep, eat some chocolate, & go buy things I don't need. *shrug*

I'm glad to report that Amber & I were able to get together this evening. We went bowling & I told her how I'd been feeling.  She reassured me that our friendship is nowhere near trouble & I need to stop being crazy.

Sometimes a bit of assurance is all you really need. :)


  1. I'm happy to hear that things with your friend are working out! That is really wonderful.

  2. Change is always hard, it doesn't matter what form it comes in. I would like to encourage you to take this as a great opportunity to build new and lasting friendships.

    I love how you express yourself, by the way, you are very real and open, which is refreshing in the blogging world.

    Lisa x