July 24, 2010

Simple Pleasures 2

I havent had such a calm, simple, and wonderful day as today in quite some time :) It continues to amaze me that such simple things can create a most high level of contented happiness. A walk through a park. A light conversation. A lazy morning. Spending quality time. All these things are easy to come by, but have the potential of being the best memory of that day.

I believe that everyone should make a habit of enjoying a simple morning, afternoon, or evening at least once a week. You never know how much that little act can do for your happiness :)

July 21, 2010

Tea Time :)

"If you are cold, tea will warm you. If you are too heated, it will cool you. If you are depressed, it will cheer you. If you are excited, it will calm you."
-William Gladstone

It's no surprise that tea in bright mugs is on my happy list =) There's something special about starting the day with a warm and fragrant cup of mint tea. Im actually considering getting a mint plant so I can have whole leaf mint tea... served in a cute and colorful mug, of course.

I wouldnt have it any other way ;)

image from: shop.teaappreciationsociety.org

July 20, 2010

Dedicated to Jahbu

I was listening to some poetry tonight and started thinking about a particular poet who was very influential in my life named Jahbu. So while I was listening I jotted down a little poem of thanks for his path having crossed with mine.

There are certain people
That God allows you to meet
For a very specific reason

God used a poet
Traveling up from Birmingham
To save me
Pour hope back into
The emptying shell of me
Replace hurt with words
Made of helium - saying 'hold on'
Filling me lighter than air.

In the hands of the Father
We each are instruments
Of salvation

In the hands of the Father
We are exactly what
Someone needs to breathe
And live again.

Just a little something I was thinking. You never know whose life you are impacting everyday with the things you say and do. So be a wealth of positivity for the people you encounter each day.

July 19, 2010


My Beautiful Flowers =D

He sent me flowers at work =D I got them while I was on a call and I had to put my customer on hold so I could get Cheshire cat smile together, lol. He's pretty awesome... Im just sayin :)


P.S. Researchers at Rutgers found that flowers put a genuine smile on 100% of recipients' faces.
P.P.S. 100% ?!? uhMAZEing! lol =)
P.P.P.S. Since I got the flowers at work, I was actually able to be a happiness booster for my coworkers. They got a bunch of smiles because the flowers were there.

July 18, 2010

His Birthday

Today was his birthday :)
So here's a moment to be grateful for the wonderful people that God sees fit to place in our lives. He's been quite a blessing in the few months we've known each other. Happy birthday!

Image from: andreascakes.blogspot.com

This is me being viral happiness because Im pretty sure he's smiling right now =)

July 17, 2010

Childlike Praise

A child singing when we all get to heaven
is the most beautiful thing to witness.

After the Communion service at church today, the whole congregation joined hands around the sanctuary for benediction and to sing the closing hymn, "When We All Get to Heaven" A couple people down from me was a little girl, who couldnt be more than 1.5 years old, singing:
Sing the wondrous love of Jesus
Sing His mercy and His grace
In the mansions bright and blessed
He'll prepare for us a place!
How amazing! And what made it more awesome and touching- I didnt even know this child could talk. =) Praise God for children that just sing to Jesus... honestly singing the song to Jesus.

July 16, 2010


I read today that bubbles can actually be a symbol of the brevity of life and certainty of death. I didnt know that but it got me thinking about how quickly things can change... Just like a soap bubble pop. In a nutshell, a friend and I had a pretty serious fallout, and it feels like the type that may not be able to be fixed with a sit down conversation and a hug. But thats not the purpose of this entry.

Everyday we are blessed with the opportunity to live another day. So many other people were not so fortunate. Everyday we blow up our bubbles.

Bubbles of friendships.
Bubbles of jobs.
Bubbles of boyfriends or girlfriends.

Bubbles of all kinds.

Sometimes we forget that bubbles are so fragile and all it takes is the right pressure... and its gone. Sometimes we think that our bubbles are indestructible...

that our friends will never leave...
our job will never fail...
our boyfriends or girlfriends will always be there...

Sometimes we forget that everything is a delicate bubble. Everything is a delicate bubble and it is our responsibility to take special care of the bubbles in our lives. Cherish them because we have them and because at any moment we might not.

July 15, 2010

Lessons from Lost Keys

Maintaining happiness sometimes, or more likely most times, calls for a willingness to accept the events of life. When we accept that things happen and we arent in total control of our universe - we open ourselves up to more happiness in that moment. We remove the anxiety that is present when we're preoccupied with worry. We allow ourselves to breathe and move forward instead of being tangled in the mess that was our frustration.

All that being said- I lost my house keys today. I ABSOLUTELY HATE LOSING THINGS! I dont like the fact that I cant remember where I put something. It is one of my highest irritants. However, when I got to my door tonight and realized that my keys were MIA, I actually had the presence of mind to pause, take a breath, and pull my spare out of my bag. (What fortune that my spare had been returned to me a few days ago.) So I got in the house and spent the next hour and change retracing my steps and looking for the keys. But still no keys. It wasnt until I said, "Well God... if You see fit to allow me to find the keys I'd really appreciate it, but if not- thank you for the spare" that I found the keys in the bottom of another bag.

It took accepting the fact that I lost the keys, and acknowledging the fact that God's in control and taking care of me, to open myself up to the happiness available to me in the midst of what I'd normally freak out about.

Sometimes the best this you can do is: Smile, Shrug, and Say... Stuff Happens. ;)

July 14, 2010

The Mile Walk

Kiva and I walked a mile today. =D We were up and out by 10 something this morning and heading down the road to Braun Spring Park... At 10 and change AM it was like 95 degrees!!! WTF?! But aside from that it was a really good walk. Getting the exercise this morning did give me a boost of energy later on in the day which is awesome considering I sit on the phone for 8 hours. Thumbs up for exercise.

Somehow I feel like I dont really need to highlight the positives of getting some physical exercise. I know I need to do it more... sigh... =)

But here are 3 pros of exercise!

1. "As we exercise, we oxygenate our brains, creating better brain function, and flood our bodies with a 500 percent increase in endorphin production." -M. J. Ryan

2. Exercise makes you more mindful of your body and how it moves and this is always good. Being conscious of each part of yourself brings a new awareness physically and mentally.

3. Think an exercise routine is too much?? Try walking. Studies show that the repetitive nature of walking can induce relaxation and reduce stress, while a quick power walk gives an immediate boost of energy and mood. How awesome is that?!

July 13, 2010


Today was full of tears and frustration and im not exactly sure why. Every time I found myself getting upset at work, I tried to recenter myself, happiness-wise... But it just seemed like nothing was enough to bull me out of the funk... This month has been particularly rough in reference to my happiness commitment. I realized that Im 6 months in and probably need to recalibrate myself. So I plan to make the next couple weeks my recalibration period. Im going to clean house (physically- which will make me feel much better mentally). Im going to organize and straighten up. Im going to rearrange my living space for a breath of newness. And now is the perfect time to reset my happiness meter because Im facing at least a week of solitude. What better time to get back on track? =)

July 7, 2010

Spending Out

The concept of ‘spending out’ came from a passage in The Happiness Project. It’s the idea that we should use our possessions instead of saving them. So for me, no more saving that canvas in the corner for that perfect creative moment, no more hoarding fabric for the perfect thing I’ll make one day… no more saving that dress for the perfect outing. None of that! The point is that that perfect whatever might never come.

So use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without! (anon. True Rule)

So now the plan is to stop saving stuff. Im going to use all the resources I have at home. The next time Im in a store and feel the urge to buy a couple yards of fabric trying to take over- I’ll remind myself that I currently have more than enough fabric to cover an F150, lol. Now is the best time to use my things. That ever-illusive perfect whatever is like the horizon… an imaginary line that recedes as you approach it. ;)

July 5, 2010

Jesus Sticky Note

This song randomly came to mind today while I was at work. So I sang it between calls =) Those little songs we sang in Sabbath School were great. It was just the thing I needed to bring a genuine smile to my face and heart as well.

July 4, 2010

Natural Beauty

"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

July 3, 2010

Of Family and Friends

Today was all about family: blood and otherwise. He and I went to ATL for GC and I was able to see a few of my wingmates from freshman year at Oakwood. It was great to see them and to know that we're still "fam" even though we dont stay in constant contact with eachother. These are the women that will always ALWAYS make me smile. Thats awesome =)

A Bit of 2Dub!

AND... He met my mom today =) And she really likes him! Yay =D I also saw my cousin Felicia which was really great because I havent seen her in a couple years. Awesome reconnection.

This is my mommy!

Family/Friend connections are very important to me. There is always some reason to smile that I discover with them. In fact, M. J. Ryan writes of a research study that showed that happiness increases 30% by greater community interaction.

So how can you be happier each day? Connect with your family or friends.

Build and cultivate those interpersonal connections. More and more Im understanding things that my dad said to me when I was younger. He was always telling me that the most important thing in life are the relationships with other people. Now, as if that wasnt sound advice by itself, there is proven benefit to what he was saying. Turns out he knew what he was talking about, chuckle.

July 2, 2010

Just a Note

We went shopping for comfy black dress shoes today. And walking around in the mall.

Remember to make time to spend with those people that make you feel special.
Remember to tell them that they make you feel special.
Remember that every moment is an opportunity to be thankful for something wonderful in your life.
Remember that there is always something wonderful.