June 30, 2010

A Great Day for a Birthday!

This is my birthday blog for my bff Ricky H. Too bad he's in Korea right now and I dont have skype... I hope he had a wonderful day :)

A picture of us. Friends for like 6 years! Awesome!

June 26, 2010

Quote and Picture

"1,001 Ways to Live in the Moment" is a new book Ive recently picked up. I found a couple library quotes in it and they made me smile.

"I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library."
-Jorge Luis Borges

"In any library in the world, I am at home, unselfconscious, still, and absorbed."

-Germaine Greer

Gotta love the rows and rows of books :D

June 25, 2010

June 22, 2010

Find and Honor Your Own Pace

This little gem, from Instant Karma, made me think about work. The goal call handle time is 10 mins. My average time is considerably longer. Every time I get on a call, I have the initial stressing urge to beat the clock. And so when I dont, I feel like a failure of an agent. So of course when I read this statement, it was like a reassuring pat on the back. :) It made me think,
"As long as I am doing my job, respecting each customer, and resolving their problems, my pace is not a huge issue... well as long as im not having 2 hr calls. chuckle. I have to work at my own pace in order to become better at what I am doing."
Here's to Finding and Honoring My Own Pace!

June 21, 2010

A La Instant Karma

I have a little book called Instant Karma. It has 8,879 things to do as happiness boosts. I think its awesome! I like to randomly open it and point. So today I got:
"Dress your bed in colorful sheets"

Now I wake up to sunshine coming in my window and sunshine in my bed!
I wake up smiling. How can you beat that?

June 16, 2010

Crochet Happy

Ive been doing a bit of crochet these last couple days :) Ive made some kitchen goodies for him :D He now has 2 potholders in Orlando Magic colors and an OU potholder. The OU one took me like 2 hours and change to do, not including the time it took to graph it out. I def want to try it again. But not bad for a first attempt at 2color crochet design. ::pats self on back::

I love how whenever I get to sit down and crochet or be creative in some way- I get such a calm happy feeling... color me contented :)

But to be honest... I really need to get back immersed in my personal happiness project again. Since starting work at West, I have really let it tone down. So Im going to consciously recommit myself to this project. Happiness is showing itself -more and more- to be something that really doesnt just show up. It is created and must be actively maintained. ;) Im so on it!

the 3 potholders i made :) He really likes them! excitement!

June 12, 2010


He and I went to Guntersville today. =) We took Kiva too. We had a picnic by Lake Guntersville and went wading. We also went in the woods and took pictures of deer. So... this is going to be a photo blog.
Color me: Picture Happy ;)

The welcome sign at Lake Guntersville

-smile- how cute :)

He took these pics of me while was wading

June 9, 2010

Uplifting words from him :)

He sent me a text message because I had a tough yesterday :) I read it and smiled SOOO BIG! =D

"Even the stupidest weeks have Fridays in them. Hang in there!

And let us not be weary in well doing:
for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

Galatians 6:9

Have a great day!"

June 8, 2010

A Note on Working

"Do the thing you have to do,
when it ought to be done,
whether you like it or not."

...nuff said...

June 7, 2010

Noble Truths of Happiness

So Im still reading "The Happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin and im half way through the book. I just finished the chapter for June :) Anyway, every so often, she comes up with -what she calls- noble truths of happiness. So far there are two and im keeping a running list of them in my little carry-all notebook. So here they are:

Noble Truth #1:
To be happy, I need to think about feeling good, feeling bad, and feeling right in an atmosphere of growth.
Noble Truth #2:
One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy. One of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.
I am really enjoying this book. And aside from learning alot about cultivating happiness, I am also building my vocabulary. lol. In each chapter there are at least three words that I underline for later defining. :) love it!

June 6, 2010

Hello Summer

I missed what I think was a sunshower today. I ate my lunch outside - as is my custom and it was SO humid. I felt like I'd missed the rain by moments. The sun was so hot that it was evaporating puddles and there was literally steam rising from the parking lot. I enjoyed the heat and had to resist taking my shoes off and playing in the puddles... sigh... but my break wasnt long enough.

Simple Pleasure of the Day
Sunshine and Rainstorms

June 4, 2010

Wisdom from a Stage Play

Love is a great thing, yea, a great and thorough good; by itself it makes every thing that is heavy, light; and it bears evenly all that is uneven.


Nothing is sweeter than love, nothing more courageous, nothing higher, nothing wider, nothing more pleasant, nothing fuller nor better in heaven and earth; because love is born of God, and cannot rest but in God, above all created things.

I heard the beginning of this quote in a musical play that He and I watched this evening. The play is called "Love on Lay-a-way" It was a really good play. The quote was actually much longer than what I have written above, but these two parts stand out the most to me. When the character recited the passage, I thought "man... i really need to find that." So i googled it and tah-dah! The Wonderful Effect of Divine Love by Thomas Kempis. Thinking about love made me happy. Thinking about God's love for me and then my love for my family and my friends really made me feel a deep sense of contentment and blessedness... I am truly blessed to have the relationships that I do. I know that I should be more vocal about how much I appreciate the people in my life... I really want to start doing that more. Besides I know that by letting a person know how much i value them, i can definitely spread more happiness. So thats a happy bit times two :)