June 16, 2010

Crochet Happy

Ive been doing a bit of crochet these last couple days :) Ive made some kitchen goodies for him :D He now has 2 potholders in Orlando Magic colors and an OU potholder. The OU one took me like 2 hours and change to do, not including the time it took to graph it out. I def want to try it again. But not bad for a first attempt at 2color crochet design. ::pats self on back::

I love how whenever I get to sit down and crochet or be creative in some way- I get such a calm happy feeling... color me contented :)

But to be honest... I really need to get back immersed in my personal happiness project again. Since starting work at West, I have really let it tone down. So Im going to consciously recommit myself to this project. Happiness is showing itself -more and more- to be something that really doesnt just show up. It is created and must be actively maintained. ;) Im so on it!

the 3 potholders i made :) He really likes them! excitement!

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