February 28, 2010

Whistle while you work...

Work is a drag. At least it is for me. i am currently working two part-time jobs. One of which is retail. Now anyone who has ever had the distinct 'pleasure' of working in a retail store can understand me when I say, "some days... it's so easy to hate the job." I could make a list of things i hate about it, but that is certainly no way to bring about more happiness. Instead, during my shift at American Eagle today, I thought about the positives.
  • I get to wear jeans.
  • I can dance while I work.
  • I have cool coworkers and managers.
  • I get to help people find outfits that make them smile.
And the list goes on...

Sometimes we can't or choose not to change the situations we find ourselves in, whether it be work, school, or some type of relationship. There might even be a host of unfavorable aspects that always seem to leave a sour taste in our mouths. This is when we can choose to focus on those sour things or find the sweet.

Happiness is a conscious choice. It begins with out thoughts and blossoms from there.

February 27, 2010

...and on the seventh day, she rested...

Today I sort of accidentally slept in until 2... I completely missed church, but I have embraced it as a much needed mental health and rest day. I started the day laying in the bed with my little heater running and my dog, Kiva, curled up beside me. After reading 7 chapters in "The Happiness Makeover," I played Bebe and Cece's Different Lifestyles. I opened the balcony door (which is a feat in itself) and let the fresh air and sunshine in, lit a couple candles, danced around with my silly little dog, and washed dishes.

I dont even like washing dishes... But with the music and the cheerful atmosphere, half of my dishes are currently spick-n-span =) The last half is my umpteen birthday mugs. They will be clean tonight.

Anyway, on to today's happiness nugget.
Rest! How in the world can we expect to be happy if we are drained and stressed and dragging our bodies through the day?!

In my experience, I have run myself to the end of my physical and mental rope many times. When I get to that point, my body literally shuts down. I crash... and that good ole crash is ALWAYS at the MOST inopportune time. So afterwards, Im off schedule and even more stressed because things weren't done.

Sigh... Enter: Mental health moments.

Instead of waiting for our bodies to make the executive decision to shut the show down, why dont we take out time to simply step back and relax. Take a few moments to breathe and smooth out the edges that life has caused to fray. We deserve to do this for ourselves. To create a space for renewal and recharging. There are a couple things that i have discovered that make me feel rejuvenated. One being driving. Another being time spent alone at home. Both of these things give me the opportunity to let my mind go. I am able to, kind of, air out my brain and relax. And that relaxation and peace is the goal. It's the breath that comes easily and softly while sitting on my couch crocheting. It's the contentment that wraps around me while driving with the windows down, music up, and the sun streaming in through the open sunroof. It's in the smile humming across my lips as I sway to gospel music in my kitchen, hands submerged in dish water.

Why not sprinkle a few of these moments throughout our weeks. Between home and work. During the 10 minute breaks or the 30 minute lunches. After we get home. Right before bed. Take some time to cultivate peace and rest for yourself before your body shuts it all down. You will be much happier you did.

February 26, 2010


In M. J. Ryan's book "The Happiness Makeover", the feeling a person experiences while wholly consumed by some challenging task is called "flow". Prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, of Claremont University was the first to identify flow as a form of happiness. During a moment of flow, we lose ourselves and the only real thing is the task. It is a moment when we are doing exactly what we're meant to at that precise time. It is a moment that feels infinite.

Thursday night I went to my poetry club's Black History Show. At the end, my friend Kibibi and I did a short poetry set.

It was awesome.

The poetry, the stage, and the comraderie of sisters was enough to cause me to release myself and flow. I scarcely feel as alive in my daily life as I do on stage with my poems. And in the span of 1 minute and 15 seconds, I touched the infinite. I touched beauty. It was a blessed moment where I stood using the gift God had given me. And in that moment, there was me, a microphone, a poem, and the universe.

Happiness is submerging yourself within that thng that brings you to life.

February 25, 2010

Rox my sox!


I just had to get that out =) There was an awesome bday surprise party last night planned by a couple of my girlfriends. It was great. They had everyone bring a mug for me, so now i have the ILLEST collection. Yeeeeessssss!

Happy moment of today: sunshine :) lots of it :) Im so glad for these sunny days. Mostly because as long as im inside i can sunbathe comfortably... in the heat of the house... Not to hate on the outdoors. I stood outside for a moment with my face to the sun. It was so calming and brought such a nice contented smile to my face.

So yeah, go get yourself some sunshine kisses, and then smile at a stranger today. Happiness is contagious, be a carrier ;)

February 24, 2010

The Beginning

Today is my 24th birthday =)

I am starting this blog to cultivate more happiness in my life and the lives of my friends... and maybe random people. I made a list of things that make me genuinely happy a few days ago [woot!] It's 24 things that do more than just make me smile or laugh. They are the things that bring breaths of real happiness and contentment. Im going to take this list and use it to infuse my day-to-day life with greatness... I think everyone should have a list like this... im just sayin... anyway, here is my list =)

... FLOWERS ... books/reading ... handmade things ... FAMILY ... music/dancing ... POLKA DOTS! ... road trips ... the beach ... thrift stores ... CHAI TEA ... incense ... rosemary ... locs ... tea in bright mugs ... my dog Kiva/small animals ... FRIENDS ... sunshine/sunshowers ... candles ... laughter ... PHOTOGRAPHY ... children ... PEARLS ... game nights ... stargazing ...

Another thing I want to do in this blog is to highlight those little pieces of happiness that pop up during the day. I know I tend to overlook them because I dont see them as "big enough" or whatever. So I am deliberately focusing my attention on the beautiful happy things that happen every day. If I am able to think myself into a rut or fog, then I am able to think myself happy. I will make each day a happy day for myself and for those around me. =) Im excited and ready to start this project =D

Color me thrilled!