February 28, 2010

Whistle while you work...

Work is a drag. At least it is for me. i am currently working two part-time jobs. One of which is retail. Now anyone who has ever had the distinct 'pleasure' of working in a retail store can understand me when I say, "some days... it's so easy to hate the job." I could make a list of things i hate about it, but that is certainly no way to bring about more happiness. Instead, during my shift at American Eagle today, I thought about the positives.
  • I get to wear jeans.
  • I can dance while I work.
  • I have cool coworkers and managers.
  • I get to help people find outfits that make them smile.
And the list goes on...

Sometimes we can't or choose not to change the situations we find ourselves in, whether it be work, school, or some type of relationship. There might even be a host of unfavorable aspects that always seem to leave a sour taste in our mouths. This is when we can choose to focus on those sour things or find the sweet.

Happiness is a conscious choice. It begins with out thoughts and blossoms from there.

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