February 24, 2010

The Beginning

Today is my 24th birthday =)

I am starting this blog to cultivate more happiness in my life and the lives of my friends... and maybe random people. I made a list of things that make me genuinely happy a few days ago [woot!] It's 24 things that do more than just make me smile or laugh. They are the things that bring breaths of real happiness and contentment. Im going to take this list and use it to infuse my day-to-day life with greatness... I think everyone should have a list like this... im just sayin... anyway, here is my list =)

... FLOWERS ... books/reading ... handmade things ... FAMILY ... music/dancing ... POLKA DOTS! ... road trips ... the beach ... thrift stores ... CHAI TEA ... incense ... rosemary ... locs ... tea in bright mugs ... my dog Kiva/small animals ... FRIENDS ... sunshine/sunshowers ... candles ... laughter ... PHOTOGRAPHY ... children ... PEARLS ... game nights ... stargazing ...

Another thing I want to do in this blog is to highlight those little pieces of happiness that pop up during the day. I know I tend to overlook them because I dont see them as "big enough" or whatever. So I am deliberately focusing my attention on the beautiful happy things that happen every day. If I am able to think myself into a rut or fog, then I am able to think myself happy. I will make each day a happy day for myself and for those around me. =) Im excited and ready to start this project =D

Color me thrilled!


  1. Like I said b4 24 is close to 25.... Its time for big girls stuff... we are no longer little girl sharing dorm room beds and poems and tears.... We are bill paying... house decorating, clothes making, children teaching, big people... Its so scary to know how fast life is going I think that this blog will help you to be able to smell the roses even after the petals have faded away. You are capturing you and your life at the precise time that it happened so that an even older and wiser Caleisha, sister, mother, friend will be able to see from whence you came and even more... how much further you can go. We have been through so much together. We have seen each other become the people we are today... but though we are older... we are still yet babies to this new world that we have just begun to travel upon. I think blogs are really cool and I hope to someday do the same... This will be a great reminder when life sucks... that it can actually be pretty good too. I love you and Happy golden b-day... "In the words of big KEV "living my life like its golden , living my life like I'm chosen?"LOL have a great day!!!!!!

  2. " If I am able to think myself into a rut or fog, then I am able to think myself happy."

    Yes love. this is to leaving the old ways. those corners and crevices and forging new paths and ways of thinking. love you. can't wait to see more beautiful golden things. muah.