July 14, 2010

The Mile Walk

Kiva and I walked a mile today. =D We were up and out by 10 something this morning and heading down the road to Braun Spring Park... At 10 and change AM it was like 95 degrees!!! WTF?! But aside from that it was a really good walk. Getting the exercise this morning did give me a boost of energy later on in the day which is awesome considering I sit on the phone for 8 hours. Thumbs up for exercise.

Somehow I feel like I dont really need to highlight the positives of getting some physical exercise. I know I need to do it more... sigh... =)

But here are 3 pros of exercise!

1. "As we exercise, we oxygenate our brains, creating better brain function, and flood our bodies with a 500 percent increase in endorphin production." -M. J. Ryan

2. Exercise makes you more mindful of your body and how it moves and this is always good. Being conscious of each part of yourself brings a new awareness physically and mentally.

3. Think an exercise routine is too much?? Try walking. Studies show that the repetitive nature of walking can induce relaxation and reduce stress, while a quick power walk gives an immediate boost of energy and mood. How awesome is that?!

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