July 20, 2010

Dedicated to Jahbu

I was listening to some poetry tonight and started thinking about a particular poet who was very influential in my life named Jahbu. So while I was listening I jotted down a little poem of thanks for his path having crossed with mine.

There are certain people
That God allows you to meet
For a very specific reason

God used a poet
Traveling up from Birmingham
To save me
Pour hope back into
The emptying shell of me
Replace hurt with words
Made of helium - saying 'hold on'
Filling me lighter than air.

In the hands of the Father
We each are instruments
Of salvation

In the hands of the Father
We are exactly what
Someone needs to breathe
And live again.

Just a little something I was thinking. You never know whose life you are impacting everyday with the things you say and do. So be a wealth of positivity for the people you encounter each day.

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