July 15, 2010

Lessons from Lost Keys

Maintaining happiness sometimes, or more likely most times, calls for a willingness to accept the events of life. When we accept that things happen and we arent in total control of our universe - we open ourselves up to more happiness in that moment. We remove the anxiety that is present when we're preoccupied with worry. We allow ourselves to breathe and move forward instead of being tangled in the mess that was our frustration.

All that being said- I lost my house keys today. I ABSOLUTELY HATE LOSING THINGS! I dont like the fact that I cant remember where I put something. It is one of my highest irritants. However, when I got to my door tonight and realized that my keys were MIA, I actually had the presence of mind to pause, take a breath, and pull my spare out of my bag. (What fortune that my spare had been returned to me a few days ago.) So I got in the house and spent the next hour and change retracing my steps and looking for the keys. But still no keys. It wasnt until I said, "Well God... if You see fit to allow me to find the keys I'd really appreciate it, but if not- thank you for the spare" that I found the keys in the bottom of another bag.

It took accepting the fact that I lost the keys, and acknowledging the fact that God's in control and taking care of me, to open myself up to the happiness available to me in the midst of what I'd normally freak out about.

Sometimes the best this you can do is: Smile, Shrug, and Say... Stuff Happens. ;)

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