March 10, 2010

Because Girls are Better than Boys at Taboo :)

Tonight my friends had a game night =) We played cowboy uno, scrabble slam, and of course, taboo. What would a game night be without taboo? -sigh-

Girls Rule at Taboo. Im just sayin...

Anyway, having a group of friends together having so much fun was awesome. We often call each other 'family', and Im pretty sure it started as just a way to unify our poetry group in years past. But we have definitely grown into a family. We have our rough times, but we always come back around to the group and the love. I have always admired the dynamics between members of Art&Soul (the poetry group). The older members become older sisters and brothers to the new members, and it's pretty cool to witness. There have been times when I didnt really know the new people, but simply because we carry the same name, there is an automatic kinship. And often you'll hear it, "youre new in art&soul?" "yeah." "alright. get at me if you need anything." And that's how it's been.

There is happiness found in belonging to a group. We have a place. We have people that care about us. We also have people to care about. When individuals have a group to belong to, they are much less likely to become depressed. Who knew? =) A sense of belonging is something everyone needs. And since belonging is an interpersonal thing, we can increase happiness in people around us by making them feel like they belong. Everyone deserves a smile and a greeting, whether you know them or not. That simple act could be the best thing that happens to them all day, you never know. Imagine being able to make someone honestly happier by simply inviting them into your bubble of existence. Instead of maintaining the all-to-often seen 'every man for himself' stance. Happiness and positivity is something that cant be lost by spreading it to someone else. It is multiplied.

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