March 8, 2010

Happiness... Level Up!

Today was beautiful!

It was a good 70 degrees. I wore flip-flops and yoga pants to work. The sun was shining so wonderfully. I drove with my windows down and sunroof open letting Roy Hargrove drift out into the world. Great day =)

Ok, Ive been thinking about this entry all day - trying to put it all in one category of 'what made me happy' but there were so many things that brought a smile to my face... I couldnt possibly generalize the day. I found my solution in 'The Happiness Makeover' in the chapter called Expand Your Happiness Portfolio. The chapter is all about having a host of things that bring you happiness.
"Like a diamond, happiness has many sides, but its brilliance is more than the sum of its parts. Taken individually, each way to happiness has something to contribute to our sense of well-being. Taken together, our lives begin to have that sparkle and shine that we call joy."

Today was definitely a joy filled day. There are soo many things to write about, so im going to do a bullet list of awesomeness. Nice!
  • My hyacinths are blooming! And they smell wonderful! Its amazing how fragrant those little flower are. =)
  • I watched a new youtube video of Sunni Patterson earlier. She and Nikki Giovanni are my favorite poets. If I had a list, they'd both be number 1. chuckle...
  • The sun shines in my bedroom window from 8:00 to around 8:20 everyday and I love to lay and bask in it. Too bad that just makes getting up that much harder, lol. It also gives me an exercise in appreciating things while you can, because I know that I wont always be able to lay and bask in my 8:00 sun. So I'd better love it while i have it.
  • The weather was beautiful! The sky was so clear. The sun was warm. The wind was blowing just enough to be pleasant, but not enough to chill. Beautiful!
  • I had a thriftmart adventure with Kibibi + a little mexican girl. The little girl turned out to be my silent shopping conscience- looking disapprovingly into my basket every time she came up to us. I love kids =) Plus, I got a rose colored trench coat for every day use for $8! Go Me!
  • Random acts of Kibibi and Bahiya (my nickname)... When we get together... all manner of shenanigans follow!

I also realized that because this day was so warm and felt so good, I was more cognizant of my senses. I was conscious of how the sun felt on my face. How the jazz sounded filling the car and wafting out the windows. How the lemon crumb cake tasted. It tasted yellow... like if i licked yellow thats what it wouldve been. How my hyacinths smelled. How my friends look as they laugh. This made the day an experience, rather than just a regular Monday. Thats all.

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  1. :D
    I'm glad you had a lovely day! I did as well. I went window shopping at Bridgestreet with Aryn Eddings. We had a great time w/ lots of chatting.

    PLUS I'm making her dress for alumni/homecoming. I know you'll be so proud.

    AND I saw Alice in Wonderland today. Hooray for golden, beautiful Mondays.