March 5, 2010

Three Choices

"When faced with a situation that is interfering with our happiness, we have three options: (1) Change it with grace; (2) Leave with grace; (3) Allow or accept it with grace." -M. J. Ryan

This was a great day, only a bit dirtied by a few events that I had no control over. The first event that tried to foul my day happened around noon. After a few phone calls with the contact person, a ranting talk with my best friend and my mother, and alot of deep breathing in the car, I recalled the above note from my happiness book.

I thought about how the particular situation was causing more stress than I'd like to creep up on me, and realized...
"I dont have to stay in this!"
AHHH! What a wonderful realization!
I instantly felt more calm. I felt the stress that was trying to latch on to me step back. No, I cant change what happens when I send the church bulletin file to the printer. No, I cant control what happens with anyone else's computers or printing systems or anything that transpires once that file has left my hands. None of these things are under my control. I realized that I had done everything in my power to make it work today. But what I can control is my reaction. Now, I must say, all my ranting was probably a bit overkill, BUT it felt good. =) I know that my layout skills are valid. I know that I am capable of handling the job.

I mulled over all these points in my mind on my way to work this afternoon and decided that the best move would be to 'leave with grace'. And two phone calls later, my evenings are now bulletin free. It was a good experience and now I am finished.

Sometimes the idea of changing, leaving, or allowing/accepting a situation in the midst of an upset is the furthest thing from our minds. We'd rather rant and complain like I initially did instead of taking a breath, stepping back, and looking to see what we can do. It's important to really analyze the given event - think about it reasonably- so we can know which of the three options would be the best move. Which of the options would bring us the greatest happiness and contentment.

So it's 8:00 and I have returned to a place of peace and calm. Remembering that any upset that I meet can be solved by making a choice. Just like happiness can be mine everyday.

All I have to do is choose.

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