March 3, 2010

Perspective saves the day

One of the most stress inducing things in life, in my opinion, is money. Not having enough, not having monetary stability, etc. This money stress almost derailed me from my deliberate happiness today. And of course, in my moment of near-panic, I called my mom. She gave me a verbal pat on the back and I went off to the bank to see what could be done about the situation. On the way, I started thinking...
"theyre not going to be able to do anything" "i should have figured that something bad was gonna happen" "i hate cloudy days" "this cold weather is making this day even worse" "this crap always happens to me"
blah blah blah...
Then in the midst of my personal pitty party, I remembered a chapter in "The Happiness Makeover". Before Freaking Out, Wait for the End of the Story. So I took a breath and focused on the fact that I cannot predict the future. The only thing I am in control of, is this moment, right now, and my reaction to the circumstances I am given. Anyway, the stressful situation was pretty much resolved and my sour mood lifted.

I saw today, firsthand, how perspective can literally transform a mood. What I choose to focus on will make or break my happiness. This is pretty awesome actually. The next time I find myself feeling negative due to some circumstances that I have no control over, Im going to redirect my focus and find something to be happy about. Thats the whole point, I think. Finding the happy somethings in the midst of the crappy somethings. =)

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