March 18, 2010

Get lost girl!

I lived through the day on a couple hours of sleep =) Training today was soo long. I spent the vast majority fighting off sleep, but I made it through.

Someone drew a smiley face on the trail.
After training, I came home and took a short nap, and then galavanted off to Monte Sano with my friends for an afternoon hike. Some of the hike was rough going, but it was fun.

It was beautiful.
We were climbing over rocks and holding on to tree trunks as to not slide down mountainsides =) We made our way down the mountain, following a stream to the waterfall it ended with.

Kesha going down the mountain.
While my friends sat downstream from the waterfall, I climbed up to another little spring. It was high up on a side, pouring out of a cavelike hole. It fell into a pool, but there wasnt any water pouring away from the pool. It was like a perpetual waterfall with no stream leading to it and none leading away. I sat up on a tree trunk and just listened to the water.


Water has always been really soothing, relaxing, and rejuvenating for me. While i was sitting there, I took some pictures and a video, but my phone ate them... sorry... I did however have a quiet moment of happiness while sitting by the mini waterfall. I was looking down at my friends and they looked soo itty-bitty and i looked around me and there was nothing but nature. And I felt so far away from everything. In a good way.

Sometimes, if youre feeling down, getting out of your everyday surroundings just might be the best thing to shake that. =) I got away today. It was wonderful.

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