March 9, 2010

Kinda rainy

This was the beginning of my day =) A table full of springtime!

Today was rainy. It was overcast and wet nearly the entire day. But Im starting to notice a difference in my personal outlook. Ive been sharing it with my friends. Ive begun seeing that when you purpose within yourself to look for the positives, the happiness and beauties, the general tone of the day changes.

For instance, rainy days normally make me sad. All i can think about is how the sky looks like its crying and i just want to stay home and be in bed. But today, I went out on my balcony and smelled wet earth (which i enjoy). On my drive to work, I noticed all the blue sky pieces between the cloud instead of a sky full of storm clouds. I felt the moist warm air after the rain. And now, at the end of the day, Im realizing that this cloudy and rainy day didnt dampen my mood at all. Wow.

I also watched a movie this morning, and one scene, in particular, made me smile. This was the dialog.
Little Boy- You shouldnt smoke.
Smoking Man- Yeah, but sometimes being closer to death is a good thing.
Little Boy- Are you depressed? Would you like a piece of gum instead?
Smoking Man- [sigh] Yeah. I would like a piece of gum.
This made me think about how honest and straight forward kids can be. And I smiled. Its a special kind of honesty... Gotta love it.

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