March 12, 2010

Sunshine... for the health of it.

I wore my $0.99 polka dot skirt today =D JOY!

This week has been rainy... well stormy actually. There was a thunderstorm this morning and one crack of thunder woke me and my dog up. She jumped up with this scared look on and i thought 'aww, pumpkin... this is your first thunderstorm...' She was so not down for all the lightning and thunder. -chuckle-

After the rain cleared, the day was gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful! ::kisses fingertips italian style:: There was sunshine, big puffy clouds, and a nice breeze. The clouds were so awesome, i had to take a couple pictures...

On the way to work

After work

Im so glad that its friday. Tomorrow's Sabbath and im hoping for a bit of sun and a trip to the dog park. Im looking forward to a nice weekend. A relaxing Sabbath, and a Sunday of AE work.

The sun has a strange effect on me. It makes me feel content and at ease. Does that happen to anyone else?? So I did a little research on sunlight and health/mood. I found an article that basically said sunshine is awesome! Well not in those exact words, but here's a snippet.

Sunshine stimulates the production of serotonin which promotes a good mental outlook and fights Seasonal Affective Disorder. It also stimulates the pineal gland which produces melatonin. Melatonin is one of the chemicals that operates our bodies clocks and helps with sleep function. Ninety percent of our vitamin D comes from exposure to the sun. [from The Effects of Sunshine on Health]
The rest of the article was interesting, but this bit was the best to me. I want to go soak up some sun. Its pretty amazing that the simple act of letting the sun shine on you can boost you health and your mood. Further down in the article, the writer noted that since our bodies absorb vitamin D from the sun, and that vitamin can bolster the immune system- sunshine can help us fight colds. Go figure... Oranges, vitamin C, sunshine... I shouldve seen a pattern =) I am going to make it a point to get as much sunshine in my life and my body each day as possible.

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