March 17, 2010


The Book of Eli was the activity of the evening. I went to see it with one of my friends from work. The movie was really good. =) At one point in the movie, main character, Eli, is talking about the world before 'the flash'. He says, "People had so much. We threw away things that people kill for now... People were losing sight of the things that really mattered."

That got me thinking about being more appreciative and really focusing on what matters in my life.

Things like my family and friends. Little experiences like going to the dog park. Or sitting outside in the sun. Having the opportunity to work and earn money. I find that alot of times, I get wrapped up in the hustle of daily living, that I dont take time to really enjoy things.

If happiness is an end result, then being appreciative is a sure fire way to get there.

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