March 13, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are

I finally watched "Where the Wild Things Are" =) It was a bit sad at times, but the overall feeling I got from the movie was this want to run around outside howling. lol. After the movie I definitely had a wild rompus with my dog. It was a ridiculous ton of fun. =)

I really liked how much imagination was in that movie. I mean there was lots in the storybook, but the movie expanded it to a great amount. I found myself thinking about exploring in the woods with my best friends, building fire pits in the back yard, jumping from the trampoline into the swimming pool, and digging caves into the dirt piles left by construction. Good times...

Sometimes i think that getting to be a grown up is messing with my imagination. =/ I dont know the last time I played make-believe. I really should take time to do that more, or at least make time to play. Besides, Im starting a new job on monday. A new grown up job. An eight hour a day job. Im nervous and excited. I hope I do well.

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