March 16, 2010


Today was my second day of training at West Corp. I must say im enjoying myself =) I had forgotten how much I like learning. I love the challenge of picking up and remembering new tasks and operations. It's definitely a situation like i wrote about on sunday. "stretching yourself mentally" I have really been doing that. Getting up around 5 - 5:30a is kinda lame right now, but i am enjoying having a full day.

I believe i was a viral happiness agent today =) mwahahahaha! Ive decided that Im going to be as positive and friendly as i possibly can. That way, the positivity can spread to the people around me and then around them and on! Im going to make happiness pond ripples! lol.

The chapter in 'The Happiness Makeover' that speaks about this kinda of happiness spreading is one of my favorites in the book. It's called "Be Happy for Everyone Else's Sake." In this chapter, M. J. Ryan notes that we have structures in our brains called mirror neurons and those actually cause us to experience other people's emotions. Like feeling sad while near a sad person, or getting a happiness contact high from a happy person. It's pretty interesting the way our minds allow us to connect with other people emotionally.
"By choosing to be happy day by day, we have the potential to drive emotions in the positive direction of all those around us - our children and mates, our coworkers and friends, even people we casually stand next to on the subway. It turns out that happiness is truly contagious." -M. J. Ryan
Here's to being agents of viral happiness =) I love it.

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