February 4, 2012

Shoe Refashion: Mod Podge + Fabric

Ingredients for tonight's project. Mod Podge, fabric, shoes chewed up by a bad little dog. (not pictured: scissors, straight razor, hot glue, & sand paper)
I have a couple pairs of shoes that a naughty dog, named Toot, chewed up & I am determined to salvage them.  The black pair have only been worn ONCE! (ugh... rolls eyes)

After watching a video by Corinne on Youtube, I decided that if she can mod podge a doily onto her shoes- I should be able to mod podge fabric onto mine.  I did a little more youtube research & found one video of a girl covering a shoe with fabric. So I picked up some more podge from walmart, grabbed some fabric from my stash, & got to work. 

Here is the first shoe with podge drying.

At first, I was going to cover the shoe with a solid piece of fabric, but that turned out to be a bit harder than I expected... So I cut the fabric into strips & overlapped them all around the shoe.

Podge mostly dry, waiting for the heel wrapping to begin.
Next, I trimmed the edges & glued them down on the inside. After all the podge dried, I wrapped the heel... didn't like it... unwrapped the heel & wrapped a different way... didn't like it... unwrapped the heel & wrapped another way... didn't like it... unwrapped the heel & wrapped yet another way... finally liked it (lots of podge was wasted... sadly)

The finished shoes!

I have to replace the heel ends because they were chewed off & spray a layer of water-proofer on them. When I started this project, I was thinking I'd wear them to church tomorrow, but that's totally not happening... Better luck next week. They came out really nicely though. Of course, pictures of them on to come ^.^

I'm quite proud of them. :)

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