February 20, 2012

Kids are Awesome ^.^

At Lamar's basketball game tonight, I met a 5-year-old named Alexis. She was sooooo bold. I was just sitting & working on a crochet legwarmer & she walks up to me like 'What are you doing.' So we started talking & she asks to play a game on my phone. Now, most of my games are not easily translated to a 5 YO level (chess, sodoku, scrabble, etc) but I do have tangrams. At first she was trying to move & fit the pieces herself, but it wasn't working so we worked on it together. It became this educational shapes session, lol. Her dad even made a point to ask me if I'm an education major. (I really should've been a teacher... oh well)  Anywho, my phone died & we played I Spy for a good 15 minutes before her sister came to pick her up.

I know that some people may not understand why playing a couple games with a first grader would be a highlight of my day, but there's something about the clear & unbiased way kids do things. It's so plain & simple.

I think that often times we lose that in the hustle of everyday.  Matter of fact, I know I do.  So here's to resurrecting a child-like clarity in my days & finding the fun in the ordinary.

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  1. I agree! Beautifully written my dear!