February 2, 2012

On my hook...

Currently filling an order for a child size scarf. If you can't tell in the photo, the black parts are horizontally ribbed & the red letter is flat. I like the change in texture, but I did have a couple hiccups with forgetting to rib the little black sections. So there was a bit of frogging & re-stitching. But the letter is done now & I have about 2 feet left of black to do on it. I think I'm going to put another couple of red stripes at the end, but I haven't decided yet. I hope the little boy likes it when he gets it. My goal is to have it completed by Friday & mailed off no later than Monday.  Ok, enough of the talk, here is the progress shot:
About 13" of kid-sized scarf.

1 comment:

  1. That is so cute! I really want to learn crochet this year, I'm always surprised by how much you can do with it (like intarsia!)