February 25, 2012

Good Things: 26th Birthday

Yesterday was my 26th birthday, and it was a very pleasant day. Here's my list. :)
  • Roses & a birthday card from church coworkers

  • Jewelry music box from Lamar
  • Raggedy Ann doll from Lamar

  • Lots of doggie cuddles :)

  • Afternoon naps
  • Bones marathon
  • Polka-dot wrapping paper

  • Crochet works in progress
  • Birthday cheesecake made by Lamar
  • Reading crafty blogs
  • Deep conditioning
  • Craft project planning
  • Gifted bags from strangers (This girl came in the office Wednesday & I told her I liked her bag. She thanked me & said that when she gets a new one I can have it. I thought she was just being nice, but today she came in & gave it to me ^.^ How nice!)

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