February 16, 2012


I am finding that working with ms battles is more & more irritating everyday. She has not only told me that I can't play any "hard gospel music", but today she says my nails are not upholding the principles of this office, and that I dont get paid to use my laptop.
Now, I'm not even going to rant on the stupidity of Adventists having issue with nail polish when they allow much worse behaviors to continue uninhibited... Ugh! The amount of gossip & double-standards you see if you just take a minute to look is ridiculous. But at least their nails are flesh colored... -__-

This laptop thing kind of pushed me over the edge today. I understand that it is true that I'm not getting paid to "surf the net" on my computer, but when you havent given me ANYTHING after I've asked MULTIPLE TIMES!!!! What is a girl to do? I am not the type to just sit twiddling her thumbs... not in the least... she better be happy I left that scarf I'm working on at home. (just to interject... she STILL HASN'T GIVEN ME ANYTHING TO DO!!!!!)

I am completely ready to kick sh*t over in here...

So what I'm going to do, now that I've ranted, is take a breath, organize my purse, & set up a blog entry for my Photo challenge week two ON THE OFFICE COMPUTER!!! And when she finally decides to give me something to do, I'm going to finish is quickly & quietly & then go back to blogging... I need my own office...


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