February 18, 2012

Little Dirty Thrift Store

Cherie & I took a therapeutic trip to the thrift store yesterday afternoon. Normally we go to the main store in our area 'Thrift Mart,' but this time we went to Break Free Thrift Store aka Little Dirty Thrift Store. It's really dusty & dark & filled to overflowing with thrifty goodness.

[Miss Super Reader was so excited about finding these two books. "They are my hearts," she said.]

[I don't know if you have ever felt eel skin, but it is the weirdest thing I have touched thus far... Plus some lady in the store said if you put your credit cards in an eel skin bag they will get demagnetized because of the charge of the skin... interesting.]

[Tag from the bag.]

[Our thrifting haul.]

These were our thriftings of the day. All of this cost us a whopping $2! Two sewing patterns, 3 books, a bow-tie, a mug, & 5 crochet hooks... the cashier looked at everything & told me $2, I looked at her like "huh what?" Then handed over my money & promptly left lest she decide to charge more. So yay for the little dirty thrift store!

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