February 17, 2012

February Photo-a-day Challenge: Week 2

Ok, here are my photo challenge pictures from Feb 8-14.

Day 8: Sun
The view from my balcony.

Day 9: Front Door
Apartment 203, Home Sweet Home.

**Launching Soon "APT-203.BLOGSPOT.COM" my new craft blog! Yay!**

Day 10: Self-Portrait
Tired face on lunch & wearing one of my absolute favorite over-sized sweaters. It's a chunky maroon cardigan from Thrift Mart, my go to thrift store. :)

Day 11: Makes You Happy
Lamar & I went to Cheddar's for a dinner date & this was our dessert. A HUGE wedge of cake with 2 scoops of ice cream. He was in heaven! Such a sweet-tooth... shakes head...

Day 12: Inside Your Closet
This is the beautifully colorful sweater section of my closet! I loves dem ^.^

Day 13: Blue
Thrifted blue American Eagle top & little miss bad dog.

Day 14: Heart
My hand + Lamar's hand = oh how cute... *.*
I am really enjoying this photography challenge and I'm glad that I'm actually keeping up with it. Yay Me!

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