February 13, 2012

February Photo-a-Day Challenge: Week 1

I am currently working on the February Photo-a-Day challenge.  I tried to do the January one, but I missed a day & then fell off completely. :(  Anywho, Lamar said that the challenge for me wouldn't be to take the pictures, but to get them posted. So my goal this month is to get them posted! That being said, here is the challenge list followed by the first week of February.

Day 1: Your View Today
[What's with these rainy Mondays?!? Come on Alabama, get it together!!!]

Day 2: Words
[This is my Serenity Prayer bracelet that I wear everyday. I rarely ever take it off. It's a really good prayer to have around, especially in stressful times.]

Day 3: Hands
[Yin Yang Hands ^.^]

Day 4: A stranger
[College students at an intramural basketball game]

Day 5: 10AM
[So technically it's 10:35, two days later, but whatever]

Day 6: Dinner
[Burger King... Dinner of Champions]

Day 7: Button
[Close up of my skirt today. $1 from Thrift mart! woot!]

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