January 31, 2012

Light Box

I finished my light box last night. ^.^ Yay me!

Anywho, it turned out really nicely. I picked up a piece of white & a piece of grey poster board for the backgrounds. This way I have a choice on what background I would like in my photos.  I was actually tempted to buy a random bright color like pink or orange... but I decided to keep it rather tame for this first attempt. I can tell that it is going to be really nice for our product photos for the Pins&Needles shop. The box I used was about 2'x1.5' roughly... so I'm seriously considering making a bigger one. But for the time being, this first one will be fine.  Here's an example of a photo taken in the light box:
Family Strip Hat
I think the lighting came out really good- not too bright. I will definitely be using this light box a lot. And it was very inexpensive: the box was free; the tape & hot glue were already in the house; and all I had to buy were 2 poster boards & a wooden dowel. Those small purchases cost me about $3.65. Not bad to get a professional looking photo result. Dusts off shoulders!

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  1. My boyfriend takes my pictures, I do want to start trying to take them myself though.