April 12, 2010


This day began a bit off... I woke up at like 4:15a and couldnt get back to sleep. The upside- I got to watch Lilo and Stitch: The Series and crochet another row on my blanket. Now the last 3 rows look like neopolitian ice cream :) I took a long hot shower... only to arrive at work a couple minutes late... sigh... wtf man... From that point on, the day was pretty much garbage...
[I know this doesnt sound like a happy blog, but bear with me...]
That is until around 5:30ish. I was telling my friend, Lamar, about how another friend of mine ate the oatmeal cream pie that i was saving for "one of those days"... I know, such a little thing to be upset about Caleisha! Anyway, after telling him the story, I said something like 'This was such a down day... Im trying to find the good but Im really not seeing any.' So he decided to give me 2 oatmeal cream pies. One to replace the one that was eaten and one to make me smile.

It worked :)

Way to swoop in and save the day :)

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