April 1, 2010

Covering the negative

Today my friend Tanaysha and I ate lunch outside under a tree. We talked about appearances, self-love, black families... lots of things. I enjoy conversations like that.

Speaking of conversations... Ive, sadly, been noticing that people will say negative things about themselves, or speak in a negative way. When I realized this happening in my training class, it made me sad...

How often do we speak about ourselves with a negative tone?
We say or think things like,
"Im not smart enough..."
"Im not pretty enough..."
"Im not thin enough..."
"Im not this" or "Im too that" or anything...

Replacing this thought pattern isnt easy, but it is something that we all should try. Each time we realize that our thoughts or words are coming from a negative place, we should consciously state something positive. Blot out the negative with purposeful positivity.

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