April 8, 2010

The math of my day

Today = (rainy late morning + many marshmallow moments in class) / doing my job right ^ dwele x jill scott&mos def
The beautiful distress of mathematics... =)

**Add - rainy morning, late to class, and marshmallow moments
This day was full of so many moments that couldve made my day completely tank... I had a very frustrating group project this morning... one that ended with me taking my 'dammit doll' into the bathroom and slamming it into doors and walls... [takes.breath]

-Sidebar- a 'marshmallow moment' is when you want to say something smartaleck-like but you shouldnt and if you had a bag of large marshmallows, you'd shove 6 in your mouth to keep yourself quiet... lol

**Divide the foolishness by - Doing my job right
It just feels good to know that you are doing what you're suppose to be doing at work. That youre taking the right steps and following the procedures correctly. This is what i decided to focus on after my "marshmallow-moment-dammit-doll-banging" Finding the positive things to focus your attention on is a great way to kill frustration =)

**Raise to the power of- Dwele multiplied by Jill Scott feat. Mos Def
I came home and got down to the business of washing clothes and dishes. I boosted the peaceful vibe i wanted by lighting ALOT of incense and playing Dwele, Jill Scott feat. Mos Def 'Love Rain', and Amel Larrieux. [sigh] It was wonderful! Provided I havent finished the dishes... lol, I did finish the laundry tho =)

This all equals today. A good day. A full day. Im sleepy, and have a sinkful of dishes left to finish... Im feeling good =)

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