April 17, 2010

My buddy, my pal, my friend

Ricky, my best friend from college, came into town :D I havent seen him in a looong time... so this post is about how awesome it is to have friends :)

I feel very blessed to have such great friends. Ricky has been one of those who has "really been there for me." One memory i have is of him forcefully taking me to health services during my junior year. He was more concerned with my health than I was, lol...

"We all need a group to be a part of, a place in the social world where we feel like we belong." This is what M. J. Ryan says about finding that core group of people. Having certain individuals we are connected to is a sure way to combat feelings of sadness. My good friends have most definitely been happiness boosters for me. I cant count the smiles that have literally exploded from my face when I talk to one of them. Even though my Bestsisterfriend Amber and I are separated by 800+ miles and our grown-up schedules prevent those long BFF convos like we had in high school- its like we never missed a beat when we finally get time to talk :)

Friends are truly a gift sent from God to sweeten our days ;D

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