May 4, 2010

To Stumble into a Better Day

Sooo I wrote yesterday's tidbit thinking, "Oh what a nice sentiment!" Only to have to wake up early this morning and be in a mandatory training meeting at 7a... -pooh- So Im all mad and irritated and bent out of shape about the time [i started my reg schedule at west yesterday 1:30p - 10p] But I get into the training room and clock in and in the midst of my negativity, I open my little green notebook only to see...

Do not communicate dissatisfaction with what you are doing at any given moment.

I was rebuked... -sigh- So I resolved to be more positive about my unexpected early start.

-List of Positive Things-
*I had time to get rent/utilities paid
*I got to watch a movie [The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus]
*I got to relax and chat with my cousin
*I didnt get that cleaning done... better luck on that tomorrow ;)

All in all, when I decided to make this day a good day- it truly took that form. Ive been thinking about the idea 'fake it til you make it' and it seems that today was definitely that kinda day. So for those times when we arent happy with whatever the current situation is or what have you, we have the ability to change our perspective by changing the way we think about it. I was tired and very cranky this morning, but when I started faking like i was happy about being in training, I actually started feeling happier about it. Try it some time :)

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