May 9, 2010

Namaste' : A poem for my mother :)

Happy Mother's Day!

This post is for my mommy, Crystal :D [I wrote this poem on our birthday 2 years ago and never read it to you. I hope you like it, Mom]

Namaste' is a sanskrit word/gesture that basically shows respect for another person.

(for all that you do and have done)

With adoration, love, and respect
I bow to you
For nine months and labor pain
For Hooked on Phonics lessons
For kisses and bandaids on skinned knees and elbows
For you love
Namaste' Mommy
For teaching me lessons
Like "If you get lost, call for Mommy Crystal"
So even now at 22 [24] years
I still call for Mommy Crystal when I cant see my way
For your resilience and strength
For your unwavering faith in God
For teaching me to keep going until God says stop
For showing me that real women
Truly are more precious than rubies
They do not crumble under pressure
They bend but do not break
And they always stand tall
Namaste' Mommy
I bow to you
Woman of strength beyond your stature
Woman with love beyond yourself
Mother with a heart of finely tried gold
I bow to you
Hoping only to channel some of your essence
Hoping to mother my children
Just as you've mothered me
You- a virtuous woman
Taking insult, injury, negativity, and curses
Taking hardship and struggles
And then handing it all to your Father
You have taught me dependence on the Most High
You have prayed for His hand to hold me
And I thank you
Namaste' Mommy
I bow to you
You are my strong ground
My good earth
You are the woman I hope to one day become
Strong, lovely, loving, soft
Let it be known
"You're going to be just like your mother."
Is NO insult.


  1. AnonymousMay 16, 2010

    You have made me very happy all of these years. I am so thankful that God gave you to me.He knew I needed a daughter just like you. He knew I needed a daughter that has a heart like your, a mind like your, a giving spirit like your,and an over all love for people like you do. He knew that I needed a daughter who would love Him above everything, and for you I am thankful. I am thankful that I can see that you are becoming a strong woman, one that can see something she wants and goes after it. I am also thankful that you can see that strong woman in me. I love you very much. Be bless and keep a SMILE on your face:)