May 5, 2010

New Books

i wrote out my list of 24 things that make me happy again. I was bored in training class... -shrug- Anywho, number 2 is books and reading. And im just realizing that im reading ALOT more than i use to. I actually came home today and turned the TV on just to frown in disgust, turn it back off, and pull out a book. [aren't you proud of me cherie?!] I have since then, read almost a chapter in The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, eaten some Dulce de Leche Ice cream, taken a nice cool shower, and turned on some jazz by way of Hard Groove by Roy Hargrove. This is turning out to be quite the relaxing evening.

At work today, this little blurb from How to be Happy D*mmit by Karen Salmansohn ran little circles in my head.
"Your faith determines your destiny. So you must make sure your faith remains stronger than your mood. You must resist the temptation of giving up when your hoped for goal doesn't seem to be showing up!"
I showed that to my friend Nay and I hope it encouraged her. :)

Im glad that i have new books. I had forgotten how nice it is to sit down with a book and read... when im NOT in a bookstore or a class. ;)

[[Im also secretly waiting for the sun to set cuz i firmly believe my neighborhood is going to be SO LIVE TONIGHT! Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!! lol]]

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