May 8, 2010


A number of my friends graduated from Oakwood University tonight :D I screamed and cheered til I was blue in the face and dizzy. LOL

(in an effort not to forget any names- im not going to attempt shoutouts)

Anywho- this occasion was definitely one of those times when your personal happiness is multiplied by the happiness of other people. As Im writing this, I am remembering the HUGE smiles on my friends' faces as they shook Pres. Baker's hand, took their photo, and walked triumphantly off the stage and out of undergrad. Im so proud of all of them.

On a slightly different note. I almost missed Kibibi's graduation lunch today. =| And while driving all the way into Madison, all I could think about was how she was there for me at my grad dinner... And truthfully when this old lady wouldnt let me into the turning lane by the restaurant- I almost lost it and started crying. But thanks to the awesome driving skills of my friend Doran, we just made it into the lot and I jumped out and ran -full speed- into the Thai Garden. My entrance was nothing short of a Gilmore Girls-esque moment.

Picture me flinging back the huge door and running into this quiet, refined, upscale, asian restaurant and looking at the maƮtre d' with question marks in my eyes. He gave me a quick and prim and smile-less once-over and pointed to where Kibibi and her guests were seated. I hadn't even caught my breath when I hugged her and offered my breathless congrats. -chuckle-

Good friends are such a blessing.


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