May 2, 2010

The Color Purple

He and I went to see The Color Purple musical by the Huntsville Broadway Theater League tonight :) Now, I have never seen the whole movie... [i know... shame on me...] But the play was UH-MAZE-ING! We missed a tidbit of the beginning, but it was no big. He had tech difficulties printing out the tickets, and it looked like we werent going to get it when we got to the Von Braun Center. But, thankfully the ticket lady was understanding. :) yay!

The music was... phenomenal.

We were sitting near a group of older black women, and they were amusing for me. When Mister would say something mean to Celie- the women would go "uhh-uhh!" "mmm-mmm" And everyone started clapping early when Sofia said "You told Harpo to beat me?"

It was great :) I had a wonderful evening with him.

I bought a new happiness book. Actually, i bought 3. :) And this was a little blurb that I wanted to share.

Your enemies = your teachers
Your failure = your wisdom
Your mistakes = your lucky discoveries
Your conflicts = your growth opportunities
Your undesired endings = your desirable beginnings
Your grapes of wrath = your raisons d'etre
Your painful feelings = your proud proof that youre dealing with your feelings head on!

Think on that :)

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  1. He had a wonderful evening with you too!