April 14, 2012

I found myself getting rather frustrated with the fact that I don’t know what I’m “suppose” to be doing professionally.  I’m currently a secretary at Oakwood University, but that doesn’t give me the kind of environment that I’d really flourish in.  Sure I’m learning a lot about how the organization works & how to do requisitions & book trips & such, but there is no creativity… no color…

I’ve gotten into wearing these long skirts to work.  Some of them are bright colored or floral printed. I like how they make me feel when I look at them.  I just found out today that how I’ve been dressing (for like 2 months) is not how they’d like me to dress… I sort of feel like I’m overreacting to this, but I feel so choked by this recent development.  I don’t want to wear suits all the time.  Or blouses or heels… I don’t want to wear black, blue, and tan… I don’t want to be stuffy. I just want to wear my skirts & be nice to people & do the job at hand…

Anyway, I digress from the initial point of this post… the frustration of not knowing what I’m “suppose” to be doing.  I never was that kid that decided on a career & followed it all the way through college. I went through so many occupations while in school… oceanographer, teacher, artist, novelist, editor, columnist, veterinarian, art director, interior designer, architect, layout designer, photographer, etc… Both of my parents regularly remark at the amount of skills I have & how I can do so many things… and that leaves me feeling like ‘being able to do so many things & doing one thing are completely different…’

I just want to know my purpose…

I just want to create… I just want to be moved & satisfied by my occupation.
I want to know I’m doing the right thing.

The right thing for my life right now.

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