April 11, 2012

Hump Day

It seems that I'm getting more & more annoyed with being at work today... I'm trying to be productive & get all these tasks done, but as soon as I start making headway on one thing 2 more jump on the list... le'sigh... It's really a shame that I want to take a break already & I've only been here for an hour 15 mins. 

So I'm taking a secret blogging break. The kind where whenever the powers that be come back into the office I hit that good ol' -alt/tab- to pretend that I've been working on this travel itinerary all along. *shrug*

I decided to do the 'photo an hour' today. The biggest challenge I foresee is not having 7 pictures of my desk or computer... oh and I'm going to try not to be frustrated at the fact that I can't seem to EVER upload a photo from my phone in this office!!! grrr... oh well.

Speaking of uploading photos... I just got instagram on my phone a few days ago ::cheers from the android market:: I'm using it as inspiration to photograph more. I am slowly finding users to follow & one of them is Meredith of OneSheepishGirl. (check out her blog, it's lovely) Today she yarn bombed her desk in her media class & it has totally inspired me to actually do it. I've been wanting to yarn bomb something but never really put much thought into it. But now, I've decided to bomb my favorite OU bench. (there use to be the most awesome tree next to it, but sadly it was cut down...) I'm going to bomb my bench ^.^ There will be pictures of this endeavor!

I feel so much better now :)

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