December 6, 2011

Mustard Seeds & Moves

This morning I met a boy named Marcus & he truly exemplified the statement that faith without works is dead. He is making his way around the Pastoral Evangelism & Leadership Conference trying to get donations for tuition. He wants to go to an Adventist Academy in Mississippi & said that his mother has filled out all of his enrollment paperwork & they are stepping out on faith for the tuition money.

As he was talking to another lady in the office, I couldn't help but marvel at the measure of faith I saw in him. I thought about Jesus telling the disciples that if they had a faith the size of a mustard seed, they could move mountains. I thought of the 'child-like' faith that we are always told to have. That faith that says, "Jesus said He can do it, so that all I need to know." I was really blessed to see that today & as I'm writing this, I keep getting watery-eyed wishing that my faith was as big as his. The last thing he said before leaving the office was, "Well, I can't get tuition sitting down." I smiled, glad that he understood that even though God can & will bless His children- we have to do our part as well. He understood that he can't just say, God will provide & sit waiting. That's definitely a lesson worth learning... not only do we have to have faith in what God can/will do first, we then have to exercise that faith & not sit expecting.

(If you haven't seen a mustard seed, it looks like this)

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