June 24, 2011

Latest Crafting

Last night I decided to finally sit down & fix up my rickety $4 thrift store shelf. It was a lot of work & turned into an ever evolving project. Of course, I took pictures of the transformation, & I'm completely satisfied with the final outcome.

This is what the shelf looked like at first.

First plan with the individual shelves... orange spray paint...

Then... plan B with the shelves... Red Acrylic...

The body of the shelf got a glossy brown.

The shelf was missing a backing, so I cut some cardboard from an old poster frame to fit & painted it bright red.

Moving on to attach the backing to the shelf... I used my staple gun for the first time :D I totally didn't know that it took so much strength to fire that thing...

All put together & waiting for the shelves :)

Clearly, I gave up on the orange & then red shelves... I painted over the red with the same brown as the body of the shelf.

The finished shelf full of half of my mug collection :D It came out quite nicely, if I do say so myself.


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