July 2, 2012

Instagram Photo-a-Day June

Hey there! I actually completed a photo-a-day challenge on Instagram!!! yay me!  Anywho, here are the photos from each day.
1. Morning//2. Empty//3. On your plate//4. Close up//5. Sign//6. Hat

7. Drink//8. 6 o'clock//9. Your view today//10. Best bit of your weekend//11. Door//12. From a low angle

13. Art//14. Time//15. Yellow//16. Out and about//17. In your bag//18. Something we don't know about you

19. Imperfect//20. Fave photo you've ever taken//21. Where you slept//22. From a high angle//23. Motion//24. On you mind

25. Something cute//26. Where you shop//27. Bathroom//28. On the shelf//29. Soft//30. Friend

There you have it... the month of June in photos.  You can find me on Instragram as Nadiratani.

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